Two days back I cried out to God saying I can’t pull on with the uncertainties like this

And there I received a mail from a friend of mine. And see what I got to read, referring to a mail titled PERSEVERANCE PAYS  which I sent to my readers in 2013., she wrote…

Subject: RE: Perseverance pays.!!!!

Just thought of thanking you Saj for all God is doing through you

Reading this again today, and how refreshing it is. this one email has been sent to more that 10 people since 2013…

I was so glad to read her mail more especially because that was the right word I needed ….Perseverance pays.!!!!

NOW listen to what happened yesterday…

My BP was high the last time I checked up and the Dr had told me to come back after a few days, doing proper dieting and exercise.He said if it’s still on the higher side I may have to start taking medicine

So yesterday I was at the hospital when I received a mail this time from another friend, referring to a mail titled how big is the measure of (your faith) written recently?

As I read, my own mail started ministering to me.

My FRIEND …. every time, you plant seeds …..KNOW that it will grow. You may or may not get the glowing response you hope for.

 Your friends will remember, even if they don’t say so at the time.

AND even if they don’t, God will. So be encouraged AND trust that HE will refresh You when you most need it.


Sajani Susan George