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Birth of TAMI


It was in the year 2000, that Pastor Anison Samuel who is the President of TAMI, received the prophetic message regarding the Lord's plan and purpose to start a ministry that would operate with apostolic strength, seeking to expand the Kingdom of God by introducing Bible schools and churches. The prophetic message detailed the name of the ministry and the key leaders, including Dr. Alias Jacob (who serves as the Vice President of TAMI), his wife Annie Alias, and Rodney Lobow (who serves as the Regional Director for TAMI, Africa).

Soon afterward, The Apostolic Ministries International (TAMI) was formed.

 An Equal Chance at Life


To witness Christ in all nations and to reach out to the unreached ethnic groups as part of the end-time revival in an apostolic fashion, preaching the Word in and out of season, demonstrating God's love and power in pulling down strongholds and bringing people into salvation.

This is our all-encompassing purpose. We live to witness Him everywhere and every time. Beginning with our home, hometown and moving through to all cities and nations of the world. We seek the inpouring of the Holy Spirit to witness Christ and to be living epistles that bear fruit and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the promise that we shall plant churches across nations. We believe that He who has promised is faithful and He is able to fulfill this promise. We believe that all nations need Jesus Christ, the only solution for all.

Our motive is to reach out to the unreached ethnic groups. We want to minister and reach out to those individuals and communities who have never had the opportunity to hear or understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that we are living in, and are called to be a part of the end-time revival. The Holy Spirit has been powerfully moving across various churches, making it evident that He is not limited to any particular denomination. We desire to be a part of this great move of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that a biblical paradigm would emerge when the apostles are appointed to ministries and churches. The Holy Spirit shall work to consolidate and connect several churches and ministries. Jesus said, “Be one as we are one.” The Lord has called some of us to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and some teachers in order to equip the saints for the work of ministry to edify the body of Christ.

We are convinced that God’s primary means of transforming the world and reconciling people to Himself is through the anointed preaching of the Living Word. This is our God-given assignment. Where there is no church, we preach the word to start one. Where there is a church, we preach the word seeking to edify the body of Christ and multiply local churches.

We believe in preaching the Word and planting churches both in and out of season, definitely including times of persecution. We neither consider it strange nor do we despair, but rejoice to the extent that we become partakers of Christ’s suffering so that we may be exceedingly glad when His glory is revealed.

Jesus is our model. John 13:35 says, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another”. We acknowledge that the ultimate human need is to find love and there is no greater love than the One that laid His life down for all men. As we strive to make Him and His love known, we model our lives after Jesus’s example, His compassion, mercy and love – the only hope for a broken world.

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds and casting down arguments. We believe that prayer can move mountains. The secret of power is prayer in secret.

Our ideal church-mission relationship is a dynamic, interdependent partnership that collaboratively reaches out to love the unreached world and bring the saving knowledge of Jesus to all mankind.

To Walk In His Footsteps & Do What He Did


  • To be a mission-planting church by challenging the church to obey the command of Christ and make disciples of all nations by presenting the love and power of the Gospel.
  • To launch church-planting missions by teaching and preaching the Word, thereby raising leaders who would use their God-given gifts to serve others in order to build the body of Christ.
  • To conduct regular training for the character formation of disciples who would be the living epistles–living examples of Jesus Christ.
  • To show mercy and compassion by instituting homes for widows, orphans, the old aged, prostitutes, eunuchs, captives and the broken hearted.
  • To bring relief to the oppressed, sick and those in bondage.

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