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Millions of people around the world live in conditions so dismal that they are hard to imagine. They have no food and often go without even a single meal for the day. Or their drinking water is so contaminated that it is undrinkable, which means every sip puts them at greater risk of the waterborne disease.

Through our Food & Water Program, we provide food and dig fresh water systems in remote areas all around the world. The project helps these people by:

  1. Providing balanced, nutritious meals to children
  2. Digging wells in remote areas to help communities access safe drinking water
  3. Supporting water committees and training them in water management
  4. Providing agricultural training and supporting the establishment and management of nutritional gardens


Homelessness is a heartbreaking reality for millions of people around the world. Most of these people have been displaced from their homes by war, civil unrest, financial debt and natural disasters.

There are thousands of women and children are being held captive, forced to work for little or nothing in dangerous conditions. There are those who have no choice but to sell their bodies to support their families. And there are families who have lost their primary breadwinner to stigmatized diseases such as AIDS.

Our housing project give these women and children a much-needed roof over their heads and a fresh start. Caritas works to build and maintain safe, clean and stable homes in 7 countries for now, and we hope to further expand our reach in the next few years. Currently, we also have 3 homes specifically for children in the works.


Civil unrest, war, and disease have claimed lives all over the world. There are thousands of parents who have lost their children and thousands of children who have lost their parents as a result of on-going conflicts, pandemics and natural disasters that have hit the globe in recent times.

Children are often hit the worst in these circumstances as they are stripped of their support system, and have no means to support or take care of themselves.

Our Dad & Mum Program place children who have no families or relatives to take care of them with ‘dads’ and ‘mums’ in loving homes, where they are accepted as members of the family. These families care for them as their own – by attending to all their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The kids thrive in these stable environments.


Destitute with no means to support themselves. Lost in the darkness of their minds. Helpless and hopeless, abandoned due to circumstances out of their control. There are thousands who exist on the fringes of society without a support system. Still, others, who traumatized emotionally or mentally unable to cope, and shunned by an indifferent society. Who can these people turn to?

Old age home, orphanage, a sanctuary for people suffering from emotional trauma and mental illness. When they are homeless, helpless or lost, with no place to go, the Caritas Restoration Home gives them refuge.

Our team of doctors, nurses and caregivers work tirelessly to care for these people in every way. They are gently nursed back to good health and receive psychological counseling for mental illness and trauma if it is called for.

We don’t just restore them to good health, but also help them transition back into society. We accomplish this by training them in engaging and skillful activities. Thereby giving them the means to earn a living whilst also remaining mentally stimulated and emotionally fulfilled.

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