I went to a good convent school and my thirst for God began as young as that age. My desire was to become a nun…. After school, I  used to stay back just to go with them to the chapel, sing songs with them and so on …

Recently… after many years I  had been to my school with my brother ..whose hand I used to hold as we both walked to the same place years back …IT WAS SUCH A GREAT MOMENT … My joy knew no bounds as I moved from classroom to classroom.Not many changes and memories flooded in…

We went to the convent to see if some of our old teachers were there and I screamed out of joy when I met the nun who was my class teacher in LKG…

Friend …. I cannot explain the reason but I was always fascinated about  everything from the crispy white clothes those nuns wore to the way they spoke, they song they taught us ….etc and the very life of those nuns brought in that deep desire to be one of them …TO DEDICATE MY LIFE FOR JESUS !!

During our  conversation with all the nuns who had gathered there  I said how I desired to be one like them ….The mother superior immediately said oh how I wish you followed that desire seriously… ;))

Immediately the Holy sprit reminded me … today… you are my bride in all its true sense !!

The Holy Spirit also brought in this question … after many years does your presence or the things that you do fascinate someone to follow HIM…. to be His bride ???

Friend, Jesus Christ lives in us by His spirit… people are convinced of His reality and power as they see the light of His goodness love and joy in us… It is this that makes people want God in their lives.

A man once said about a Christian friend… I don’t know what it makes him different from the rest of us but whatever it is I want it!!

The story is told about the great evangelist Charles Finney who was visiting a factory one day .Several workers seemed deeply disturbed as he passed through the room looking at the machinery. Soon so many broke down weeping, that the owner had to shut down the operations so that the workers could ‘’attend to religion’’. The move of God’s Spirit that started among them that day continued until within few weeks almost all the workers in the factory were converted.

Friend, haven’t we also felt closer to God just by being with certainChristians??

What about us? Does our life attract people to CHRIST? Think about it?

May the Holy Spirit help us all to manifest the characteristics of Christ more and more in our daily lives.

Sajani Susan George