In many places in the Scriptures, the wisdom of Ecclesiastes is born out and exemplified, Two are better than One. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

Thus Moses is joined to Aaron, Joshua to Caleb, David to Jonathan, Naomi to Ruth, Bartholemew to John Mark, Paul to Silas, Peter to John.

Jesus also sent his disciples out to be witnesses, “two by two.”

What is there in a pair?

Part of the answer lies in the Jewish tradition of “two witnesses.” The Old Testament law (see Deut. 19:15) stipulated that at least two witnesses were needed in order to convict someone of a crime. In the culture of Jesus, this legal requirement also underscored the common sense idea that two witnesses are more reliable than one. So, when two of Jesus’ disciples proclaimed the presence of the kingdom, they would be more likely to receive a hearing.

However, there is more.

Learn the power of two!

·      Benefit of shared Encouragement

A pair of Christians who are committed to the Lord will stir each other along. This is one of our great needs as Christians today—someone to lift us up when we are down; to urge us forward in our task when all we want to do is quit. The odds are strong that both will not be down at the same time, that both will not be weak in the same area. The likelihood is that the one who is down will be brought up by the other. How often did Barnabas get tired, yet Paul’s zeal fueled him on? How often did Paul get frustrated, yet Barnabas ’ steady temperament settled him down?

·      Benefit of shared Wisdom

 We would do well to have someone close by for practical wisdom and guidance. Paul likely relied upon the “seasoned” advice of Barnabas from time to time.  Perhaps at other times Paul’s take on a situation was more accurate and Barnabas benefited

·      Benefit of maximizing Spiritual gifts

Diversity in abilities is sometimes one of the great powers of two.  One may have a strength needed in one area of work at a particular moment, while someone else brings strength in other areas and at other times. When Paul went on his second missionary journey he chose Silas, to join him (Acts 15:40).  Paul’s spiritual gift was that of apostle and teacher (Eph. 4:11), while Silas gift was that of a Prophet (Acts 15:32).

·      Benefit of Good Returns

Two are better than on because they have a good return for their work (Ecc 4:9). Remember the Power of two Boats and the catch Luke 5:1-7

·      Benefit of Accountability to One Another

 We all need someone who really cares about us, who knows us well enough to recognise our failings, who can challenge us if we stray from the path or get “too big for our boots”. We each need some one who can see through any pretence or mask and will challenge us from time to time. It must be someone who can be  trusted totally

·      Benefit of Spiritual Protection

When a Christian is under spiritual attack, he is in a much better position if he has someone to stand with him. There is real spiritual protection when two people support each other.Though one may be overpowered two can defend themselves (Ecc 4:12).

·      Benefit of Praying Together

We have lost a large part of the power of prayer because too many people are praying alone. Jesus has promised that when two christians pray together in unity, God will do what they have asked. Whatever they bind in heaven will be bound on earth. Whatever they loose in heaven will be loosed on earth. Matthew 18:18,19

 Paul and Silas walked out of the jail with the keys in one hand and the converts in the other

Friend, Are you a “Lone Ranger” Christian?

It is easy to make a noisy beginning. Or, as Isaiah had it, to “mount up with wings as eagles.” It is comparatively easy to be stirred up by occasional excitement. “To run and not be weary.” But to stay with it and at it day after day, that’s the test, isn’t it?

“To walk and not faint.” This is where the power of two comes in!!


Sajani Susan George