We are told in Luke 1, that, at that moment an angel of the Lord appeared to him. The angel said what angels often said in the Scriptures, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John.  “

How long must have Zechariah and Elizabeth been waiting? Bible doesn’t mention that. That they were “well along in years” may indicate that they were over sixty, since sixty years was considered “the commencement of agedness.”

What an incredible vision to Zechariah and what an amazing promise!!

There is something very instructive in the conduct of this priest and that’s my point this morning….

Zacharias didn’t rush to his house to tell his wife the good news that he had received from heaven, in which she was certainly very much interested. (He didn’t even take his mobile to whatsapp the good news to his wife …;))) which some of us would have done if we were in his shoes .. )

Zechariah didn’t make the loss of his speech a pretext for immediately quitting.

Bible records …’’.As soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished ‘’- Each family of the priesthood officiated one whole week, 2 Kings 11:17.

You see Zechariah had his priorities right He knew he had engaged in the work of the Lord, and must pay no attention to anything that was likely to interrupt his service.

Zechariah waited in the path of duty.When he had fulfilled, he departed to his own house; which was not at Jerusalem, but in the hill country, in a city of Judah  see ( Luke 1:39 Luke 1:40 )

Here is a big lesson for you and me…

Many a time we are not diligent and we give up labor in the vineyard because of some trifling bodily disorder or some inconvenience in outward circumstances. Here is a call to order our lives around kingdom priorities… Don’t let career, or comfort, or security or family or any of the business of this world get in the way of our service to the Lord.

 This is exactly what Jesus was trying to say when he said those words( harsh as it may sound)- ‘’let the dead bury the dead’’ He didn’t mean that a Christian should never go to his parent’s funeral. That would be absurd. But what he was saying to the called is ‘”Change your priorities!” Don’t let the business of this world get in the way of urgently proclaiming God’s kingdom. ’Your priority is the living, the ones you can save.’’

Friend, what has God called you to do?

Following Jesus is an’’ all-or-nothing’’ commitment.

Do not shift your priorities. Do not quit. Cherish Jesus and Kingdom work above all things!!

I need to confess here that though I desire to pen down my thoughts daily….I usually do it when it is convenient….when everything is in my favor but I pray that I would rise to a level of commitment to do what I am doing for the Lord not just when it is easy and convenient but even against all odds ……to make it a priority….all my life !!

Sajani Susan George